Waterproofing Services

We are engaged in providing an excellent range of Waterproofing Services and Waterproofing Treatments. Our organization is backed by well-equipped infrastructure and technology for making surfaces waterproof in an excellent manner. We offer the best waterproofing services by high-end brands like Waterseal PSv known to offer excellent waterproofing in India for 28 years.

Waterproofing Services by waterseal

100% permanent Waterproofing Services and Solutions…

An excellent step towards solving waterproofing problems is to conduct a professional domestic inspection through our experienced crew of domestic inspectors and expertise on the root purpose that is inflicting the issue. Our professional group will then perform waterproofing and water tightening PSV system with the basic purpose of clearing up the wall leakage, ceiling leakage, and wall dampness completely.

Waterproofing services for

Permanent Terrace Waterproofing

We do Terrace Waterproofing Services with a starting range of 35/- to 40/- per square foot onwards. We are giving a 5-year genuine guarantee.

Interior Wall

Looking for Wall Waterproofing Treatment? Waterseal presents an exclusive step-by-step guide to doing that Using the Best PSV waterproofing compound.

Exterior-Wall Waterproofing

Exterior Wall Waterproofing Treatment is best done at the time of construction. Using a high-quality liquid waterproofing compound in the starting stage.

Basement total Waterproofing

Preventing the ingress of water into the basement is one of the major challenging tasks. We will work on the inside of the basement.


Yes, we do have a range of bathroom waterproofing products. The products are a one-stop solution to ensure a clean and dry bathroom.

water tank waterproofing

We use Waterseal products that provide full waterproofing and prevent the tank from algae, fungus, or other bacterial growth

Swimmin Pool Waterproofing

Waterproofing system should be applied with pools, fountains, water tanks, or drainpipes during the construction period in order to prevent the loss of water.

Epoxy Waterproofing by Waterseal

Epoxy.com Waterproofing Systems include a full line of Epoxy Waterproofing, urethane waterproofing, injection systems, and rigid epoxy gel adhesive

Weather Shed Waterproofing

We use Waterseal products that provide full waterproofing and prevent the tank from algae, fungus, or other bacterial growth.

Industrial Shed Waterproofing

Industrial Shed Waterproofing is completely different from concrete waterproofing. Shed waterproofing gives protection from rain or other seasonal calamities

New Construction Waterproofing Services

Waterproofing can be done during or after construction to help to seal a new construction site. early which has been found to promote long-term comfort.

New Pcc  &  Waterproofing

Old Building Terrace Renovation with PCC Plastering and Waterproofing on Surface with waterseal PSV Chemical with 5 Years Genuine Guarantee