Wall Waterproofing Methods

We are finding the root cause of the problem by our Experience and giving you with a permanent Wall Waterproofing. We guarantee that seepage/ leakage disappears for ever and assuring you a healthy environment in your living space.We suggest proper solution for wall dampness, wall fungal, wall paint peel out, seepage and leakage problems .We help you to find root cause of problems.

Permanent Wall Waterproofing services

Looking for the best wall waterproofing services near you?

How to Solve moisture/Dumpiness by wall waterproofing. Give Waterseal a chance and you will end up recommending us to everyone you know. Here are some reasons that make us rank amongst the best when it comes to bathroom and basement waterproofing services in India:

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Why Do you Need Wall Waterproofing ?

Do you want to get Solution of leaky roof, seepage, wall dampness, wall fungal, and water damage? We are providing you with an innovative Wall Waterproofing solution to all these problems.

  • Are your wall paint flakes puffed out in Wall ?
  • do you notice water leakage in monsoon ?
  • do you get bad smell from Wall ?
  • then you needs waterproofing.
  • Wall Dampness
  • Wall Fungi
  • Paint Peel out
  • Seepage

Water seepage can lead to  growth, causing significant damage and air quality issues. From our study we found the walls of every Buildings are wet up to 3 feet. from the floor inside your living area. The health of your family is at Risk.

Wall Waterproofing Cost at Ahmdeabad

  1. Wall Water proofing +Plastering Rs.150 /- Per Sq. Feet
  2. Exterior Wall Water proofing Rs.40/- Per Sq. Feet
    (Exterior Zoola Charges for more then 2 Floors.) Rs.4000/-
  3. Basement Exterior Wall Waterproofing Rs.60/- Per Sq. Feet

What do people if they find seepage issues in the Building ?

Generally People use to call Building Contractors,Building Painters ,Plumbers OR Waterproofing Contractors.

How do these people help you? they have a Different Types of Wall Water proofing Methods

The Building Contractors suggest the clients to do renovations like changing floor tiles,fittings Wall tiles of the rooms etc.,

Building Painters are suggest the clients to do Repainting  your House with Sum Waterproofing Chemicals in Market.  .

The plumbers can sort out the plumbing solutions in your House ,not seeping/leakage issues.

The waterproofing people can have only one solution- apply / inject the chemicals OR Coating on Wall.this can help only that place to dry out but the water can find other way to seep out where the source of gravity is available. But the issue will not be resolved permanently. Within a year the same issues will pop-up. Why? They treated the disease not the cause of it.

But they are don’t finding the root cause of the problem  and Don’t giving you permanent  waterproofing Solutions.


What could be the permanent solution to your waterproofing  problem?

Complete waterproofing solutions from Waterseal, say good bye to all leakage problems. Professional Waterproofing Solutions‎ by Waterseal Waterproofing with 5 years guarantee. Expert Solutions. 27 years of expertise, over 7000 happy & satisfied clients. specialized in waterproofing, leakage, seepage and home inspection

Permanent Wall Waterproofing services for your Home.

We Use Two Types of Wall Waterproofing Methods:

Exterior Wall Waterproofing ServicesExterior Wall Waterproofing

Exterior Wall Waterproofing is best done at the time of construction. Using high-quality liquid waterproofing compound in the starting stage with cement and sand can be effective. Otherwise, use a Waterseal PSV coating before painting your exterior walls to prevent water leakage.

If the exterior walls are not waterproofed, the invading moisture can cause damp walls, which are excellent breeding grounds for mildew and mold. This damages the walls and leads to health problems for the occupants… An exterior drain tile system is your best option if it’s not practical to waterproof a basement from the inside, due to having an already finished basement. This process starts with the foundation wall, then we apply a Silicone Polymers waterproofing coating.

Wall waterproofingInterior Wall Waterproofing Services

There are multiple reasons like rising dampness from the high ground water table, cracks through which rainwater seeps inside, and seepage from adjoining leaking walls of the bathroom and kitchen. The current traditional waterproofing methods are not enough to tackle the severe dampness occurring due to these reasons. You need specialized treatment to arrest this dampness permanently. Any seepage from these surfaces can negatively impact your adjacent walls. That being said, however, every now and then the damage is due to outdoor elements like rain or has already taken place earlier than your restroom was waterproofed properly. In such instances, it is an awesome idea to waterproof the dampened partitions for your rooms as well.  Use damp-proof PSV paint for internal walls

Basement Wall waterproofing is absolutely necessary to strengthen the foundation of your homes and buildings. The basement is prone to cracks and damages due to heavy pressure and weight. Seepage and water leakages can cause huge damage. Prevent catastrophes by taking the right measure with Waterseal.