Roof Waterproofing Treatment

Waterseal is specialized in Terrace Waterproofing method . It is high in standards that meet international quality level.We firstly Treat the Major and Hair Cracks with Wateseal ..


  1.   Washing the Roof-terrace surface and making it dust free.
  2.   Filling all the visible cracks by way of specially prepared  Silicone crack filler.
  3.   Applying First coat for Filling the invisible cracks & small holes with diluted silicone.
  4.   Applying Second & Third coat of Silicone based cement waterproofing to strengthen the surface.
  5.   Applying Final Forth Coat of Silicone based cement waterproofing.


  1.  All rates including with materials, labour charge &  all the taxes.
  2.  This is an approx Estimate with small variation , Actual work will be measured after Work.
  3.  Water & Electricity and space for storing the material shall be provided by the site owner .
  4.  The work would be completed within Three Days.
  5.  Any extra work will be charged.


This is a Water based  Silicone added with white cement in proper ratio. After applying all coatings on the surface, it will set within half an hour. The completely curing is needed for 24 hours to strengthen

No Worries About Load of The Silicone Waterproofing. Only 3 to 5mm  layer thickness  to prevent water leakage from the applied surface.


This water proofing system is guaranteed for 3 years. In case of any complaint during this Guarantee period the same will be rectified free of cost


  1. Advance 50% payment to be given at the confirmation of waterproofing work.
  2. We will start work on the next day after receiving payment.
  3. Pending Full amount to be given after completion of the work.

Waterseal an expert Roof Waterproofing,Terrace waterproofing Contractor at Ahmedabad.

we specialized in TERRACE WATERPROOFING by Acrylic-Silicone Polymers & FRP Coating waterproofing system for over 19 years. .We are Confident and we can provide you with our work in a professional manner.The best way to flat terrace waterproofing with Silicone Polymers. This is a thin layer of waterproof material that is continuous, and offers no path for water to enter the structure. We Apply waterproofing on; Terrace waterproofing,Basement waterproofing,Wall waterproofing, Bathroom waterproofing,Overhead Tank waterproofing,Underground Tank waterproofing,Swimming Pool waterproofing,Cement and Fibre Sheet Roofing waterproofing Our Waterproofing services protect & preserves your valuable buildings

Waterseal is specialized in Roof – Terrace Waterproofing method . It is high in standards that meet international quality level.We firstly Treat the Major and Hair Cracks with Wateseal Polymeric Compound . Then the Joints of Para-fit & Rain water drain outlets. So After the applying the Three coats of silicone polymers with waterproof white cement . We make the surface completely waterproof and strong by Terrace Waterproofing Solutions.

The Complete anti leakage property of our roof coatings during monsoons provide a comfortable environment to the buildings. With its brilliant solar heat reflecting property, our roof Coating keep the building cool even in the peak afternoons. Easy to use, our water and heat repellent paints provide a favorable ambiance to the buildings.

High tensile strength, tear resistance & bond strength- with cement substrates as compared to available product .Good resistance-Against Infrared rays and algae & fungal growth. Ease in application-can be applied by brush or roller. Non toxic, breathable & washable and good finishing of your Flat roof coatings. Visit our New site