New Construction Waterproofing method by Waterseal

New Construction Waterproofing

Why Need waterproofing in New construction OR Renovation Buildings?

Waterproofing in New Construction Buildings is a Major Requirement . Water majorly penetrates from Surfaces of  foundations, roofs, walls,Bathroom,kitchen of building. With Proper Waterproofing Treatment the building surfaces are made water-resistant and waterproof for many years.

Waterproofing can be done during or after construction , to protect the structure from water damage caused by rain, moisture and leaks. Waterproofing helps to seal a new construction site early which has been found to promote long term comfort.

Efficient waterproofing of terraces can be achieved by adopting proper construction practices. It is essential that no rainwater stagnates on the roof. A proper slope and adequate number of drainage outlets can achieve this. The requisite slope is obtained by varying the thickness of the insulating layer. Or when the roof slab is large in area, the slope or fall is often provided by making it’s (the slab) top surface sloping to the desired extent.

1. Waterproof all joints of parapet wall, sunken floor,concrete slab Joints,Expansion Joints and down water Drainage pipes.

2. Expansion Joint Waterproofing.

3. Terrace Waterproofing Before Plastering.

4. Bathroom & Kitchen Waterproofing Before Plumbing and Tiling.

5. Basement Exterior Wall Waterproofing before dumping wall space.

6. Exterior Wall Waterproofing after Plastering.

Watch How Waterproofing At New Construction is Done

Which chemical is Best for waterproofing?

PSv – Silicone Polymer Coating is the best High Quality Performance waterproofing.

Waterseal offers comprehensive system solutions for Waterproofing a new home or Repairing an existing one. Our products are used for  all critical surface areas like Roof, External Walls,Basement,Internal Walls, Bathrooms and Water Tanks.

100 % successful and affordable Waterproofing chemicals. ‘Waterseal ‘ is the Best waterproofing brand in India that many customers from the construction sector deal with us. we gain the trust of clients, we work hard and make sure that we fulfill their Requirements.

PSV is a heavy duty durable terrace waterproofing system. composed of specially developed highly elastic & durable Silicone,polymers and vinyl. Is suitable for both indoor & outdoor Roof ,wall and sealing work.


We have 27years of Experience in Waterproofing Chemicals

Products for Waterproofing1.This products is 100 % successful for waterproofing Treatment.
2.Easy to Apply without any skills. By brush or Roller.
3.Film thickness is 1 to 1.75 mm in four coat application..
4.No need to remove existing Tiles, plaster, or concrete surface.
5.Can be used for flat and sloping Roofs or Wall
6.Higher tensile strength, tear resistance & bond strength with cement substrates.
7.Resistant to weather conditions.
8.Light weight waterproofing chemicals does not add extra weight over the roof.
9.It is non-toxic in nature & breathable waterproofing.


Building roofs / terraces – flat & slopes Over existing waterproofing chemicals treatments like – Rcc, concrete screeds, Cement,fiber and acrylic weather sheet ,etc

Our promise as a Waterproofing Engineer, is to build community value into every product while delivering professional expertise,Exceptional customers service and quality Waterproofing.